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Showcase of comic style, including pages from my senior thesis project, titled Hard Cheese, as well as depictions of the trials and tribulations of everyday life.


One-Page Comics

A collection of one-page comics, removed from my work on Hard Cheese. Here, personal daily struggles, shenanigans, and other interests are explored.


Hard Cheese

Or A Graphic Memoir About Bad Luck

Hard Cheese is a collection of short comics introduced by cheese and closed by a narrative form, depicting a family's history of bad luck.

Hard Cheese

Click the link to view Hard Cheese as a PDF in its proper format.

Process Book

Click the link to view a PDF process book of the project.


Click the link to view the thesis paper written about the project.


Comic Pages

Five short stories depicting a family's bad luck recounted in comic form. Each are 2-3 pages long.


Title Pages

To introduce each comic, a title page depicting the cheese in which the story is named after. Each cheese icon gives a hint to the reader of what is to come. 



Due to the fact that the comics are from the point of view of an observing third party, reflections were created to give the reader a chance to hear my perspective. Each reflection was written and designed in a different form to match the theme of the story in which they follow.